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Mijten Animal Feed

Mijten Animal Feed has been producing a wide range of high quality and nature-oriented animal feed since 1938, such as horse feed, chicken feed, bird feed, sheep feed, rabbit feed, cattle feed and so much more!

Each feed consists of nature-oriented and qualitative nutrients. For example, no artificial or chemical colors, fragrances or preservatives are added to our feeds. Pure and vegetable raw materials are central in our development of a complete diet with healthy and strong animals as a result.

Horse food: what do horses eat? 

The ration or eating of a horse consists of a part of roughage and a part of concentrate.

There are various roughage such as hay, pre-dry, silage and fresh grass. The best roughage for a horse is quality hay, 100% dust-free and a dry product such as Opti-pack Hay Packed.

The concentrate can consist of a horse muesli or horse chunks also called horse bites. There are differences between horse muesli and horse chunks. Muesli provides more chewing movements and thus better saliva production, fewer irritations of the intestines and thus better digestion, is tastier, is a complete feed, has more volume, contains less molasses and you see what you get.

Health of your horse

There is often a relationship between the horse's diet and various common conditions in horses such as laminitis, stomach ulcer and summer eczema. Good feed management can prevent and / or reduce many of these disorders.

Mijten horse feeds, the power of a horse lies in its diet. Pure horsepower and bring nature into the barn! That was the goal in the development of our horse feed range. A horse feels better with a well-balanced diet. That means: with a horse food that is very closely related to that from its natural environment. Feed of wrong, unbalanced compounds have a direct impact on the health and performance of your horse. That is why every food must be fully balanced. Far-reaching research and development, based on more than seventy years of experience, has led to a unique composition that is more than inviting to your horse. A food feast to feast on, which is also rich in nutrients, minerals, vitamins and trace elements. In short, a complete feed that contains everything to make your horse happy.

All our raw materials are selected with the greatest accuracy and produced according to our own developed manufacturing process. We pay particular attention to the valuable finishing of our horse feed. Only in this way can we make maximum use of the natural nutritional elements.

Due to its rich and versatile composition we obtain horse food with an exceptionally high absorption of all essential nutrients. This ensures a minimal burden on the digestive system of the horse. Furthermore, we avoid chemical or technical additions of preservatives and fragrances or colorants.

Do you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. 

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